Thursday, January 9, 2014

The dress

When we were in the States I found this amazing dress. It didn't fit but I bought it anyway. It was so beautiful and I thought that could put in a new zipper so it would fit. I had 10 minutes in the antique store before they closed- so I just grabbed 3 dresses and hoped one of them would fit.
Well they didn't... any of them. So I gave away 2 of them but kept this beautiful flower dress. 

Then last night I tried on the dress and IT FITS!!!!!!!
Well I can zip it up but can't really breathe (minor detail) So I guess my lifestyle change to LCHF works. Hopefully I can wear the dress in a month or two ......and being able to breath. The LCHF change has been quite easy, and I feel full nearly all the time. I thought it would be so hard not having pasta, potatoes, bread and sugar. But I have been without it for 8 days now, and I don't really miss it. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

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