Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014 & Hello LCHF

I am starting this year with some kind of a lifestyle change. It sounds so serious but it is only my food habits I'm changing. I've been very bad at snacking all day which left me eating bad things and lots of sugar, and constantly feeling hungry. A friend told me about LCHF and I tried it for a few days. I went from eating 6-8 times a day to 3-4 times, and I feel SO full. I just bought a book, and I'm reading up on some of "rules" behind it. So far I really think it sounds good. This is not going to be a diet for me to loose weight, because it never works anyway.
 This is just me eating better and more healthy, and trying to be more active. 

This picture was taking the 1st of January. You are not allowed to eat bread when you follow the LCHF lifestyle. (So I ate 4 piece of bread with lots butter) I never ever start New Years resolutions on the 1st, that's the only day where you can eat exactly what you want....and believe me, I did!

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