Thursday, May 30, 2013


Karl and I went to Distortion today....well we only stayed 20 min but it still counts. Distortion is an annual event - that has different parties all around in Copenhagen (mostly in the streets and old warehouses). 

Jacket: Lee vintage
dress: vintage
petticoat: dixie Gray
belt: DIY
Shoes: Gabor
Sunglasses: Rockahula

 (Karl's beer can is case you were wondering)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some of my favorite accessories

1.sunglasses from rockahula and the US
2. flower from, cherry from , bows DIY
3. gloss from leesburg,VA - where the vintage store in the world is
4. hairpieces from flea markets in the US

Monday, May 27, 2013

I want this for summer

One of my favorite shops in Copenhagen is They just got a lot of new stuff, and I am completely in love with these things:

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet
I got this one in blue...but now I really want it in pink too

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet
So cute with bows

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet
Love this sailor top

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet
perfect for my summer hair

Sunday, May 26, 2013

So sweet

My sweet friends just got back from New York and they got us some nice things. They are so sweet and thoughtful! They got Karl some really nice toys. 
( I don't have a picture of his toys - because he is playing with it all the time) Karl enjoyed playing with his "uncles" all day...... and I enjoyed having time to read my magazines.
Oh and check  out my new red lipstick - so pretty. They also got my BF his favorite hot sauce in the world.  

Friday part 2

 We started of with a birthday pinic in Glyptoteketet's garden, it was so pretty and perfect place for a pinic and games. Later on we went to her place to party. I had so much fun.
So it turn out to be the best Friday in a long time, because I got to see all my lovely friends!

 Beer, hotdogs and games

 Lise - the beautiful birthday girl

 My very creative BF did this in plasticine

 some of my favorite people

 my brother and BF

 Having some delicious birthdaycake

Friday part 1

I had a long day at work Friday and not in a good mood. Well that was until my friends from Sweden, who i haven't seen in a couple months, called and said they were in Copenhagen for a few hours. So I rush home and to hang out with my lovely Swedish friends. 

after an hour or two they had to go back to Sweden, and we had a birthday party to go to. So we left Karl with his Grandparents

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A new one

I found this dress at ""Genbrug" on Vesterbrogade today. I'm not really supposed to buy any clothes, because I trying save some money (for the US trip)........ but this dress was only 35 kr/ 6 Dollars so I mean I had to buy it right?

I need to fix a few things - but I think it will turn out really nice

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I found the cutest vintage shop the other day - Affär 
There were so many lovely things and it reminded me of an antique mall in the US. I loved all the stuff for the kids. If you live in Copenhagen - pop in and have a look!

 It is located at Skydebanegade 4, Kbh V


We had the day of yesterday. So we went for a long walk with Karl and had an ice cream in the sun, did a teeny tiny bit of sewing, and had pizza for dinner.

 Karl loves playing with his headphones.....that don't work

 Ice cream with daddy

 Pizza with bacon, potatoes and pesto

I love this cherry top that I got in Texas- but I have never worn it. So I changed the neckline. Hopefully I will start wearing it now

Monday, May 20, 2013

To sell or not to sell

I love these 2 dresses. I got them in New York, and I have only used them once. So I am thinking about selling them.....yes I am giving it a try.
The price is 100 Dollars or 550Kr. per dress.
  If you are interested contact me at

Dress 1

Dress 2

My outfit

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Mondokaos
Shoes: Bronx
Headscarf: (love this place)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


We spent Saturday with my BF's family. We celebrated Maria, who got her Master degree in Australia. It was a lovely day and the weather was so perfect. we sat outside until midnight.

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Kaffe
Cherry brooch:
Belt: DIY
Shoes: Gabor

 A petticoat can come in handy. I forgot a mosquito net for Karl's pram... So I used my petticoat. Brilliant idea!

 My sweet and favorite sister in law made the best hotdogs

 Watching The Eurovision Song Contest. Guess what Denmark won..... So proud

Friday, May 17, 2013

The summer is here

It has been way to hot today, so we have been outside in the garden with friends and family all day

and eating some yummi food. My BF did the best bisque with shrimp

Karl & Grandma

My mom just got back from the hospital after having a knee surgery. It didn't go that well, so she had to stay in the hospital for a week, and is still in a lot of pain. Despite the pain she has been downstairs a couple of times to day and she playing with Karl... which is pretty cool.

Karl and grandma watching cartoon

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back home

Today we went back home to visit our parents. I love coming back home, and so does Karl. He has been so happy all day, because he has seen lots of tractors, cows, horses, and been outside in the garden. 
Yeah we don't have a lot that in the city

We also went to Søndervig- which is a nice little "summer town" by the North Sea. My dad and Brother has designed some really cool houses, that goes up for sale this Saturday ( So we saw the 3 house that are done.
 They were so cool, and every house has my mom' s beautilful paintings ( and my BF's awesome photographs (
(Hmm I guess I kind of ended up doing a whole lot of advertising for my family huh?)