Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back home

Today we went back home to visit our parents. I love coming back home, and so does Karl. He has been so happy all day, because he has seen lots of tractors, cows, horses, and been outside in the garden. 
Yeah we don't have a lot that in the city

We also went to Søndervig- which is a nice little "summer town" by the North Sea. My dad and Brother has designed some really cool houses, that goes up for sale this Saturday ( So we saw the 3 house that are done.
 They were so cool, and every house has my mom' s beautilful paintings ( and my BF's awesome photographs (
(Hmm I guess I kind of ended up doing a whole lot of advertising for my family huh?)


  1. Jeg så lige din kærestes hjemmeside - han er vildt dygtig! :-) Og Karl ser meget rock&roll ud med hans lille varsity jakke.

  2. ja synes også den er så fin til ham:)