Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby food

I try to make most of Karls food myself but sometimes it is nice to have ready cooked food. So I was lucky to find Semper products on sale in "Kvickly" this week. 

They are nice to have if you are going out or travelling abroad. They did not have a whole lot of baby food in Greece. So I did something that probably is a big NO NO. I gave Karl nutella on toast, and he loved it. So if you are ever somewhere in world and you do not have any baby food - try nutella.

Grannies & Sisters

Before our trip to Greece we went to my sisters for a drink and had dinner at my boyfriends sisters house. 
The weather was so lovely and Karl got to"swim" in his new pool.

what I wore

We went to a wedding this Saturday. I had the choice between these 2 dresses and these shoes. I ended up in the red dress. I look silly on this picture..... probably too much white wine.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mr Jay-Z & Kanye West

My brother got us tickets to "Watch the Throne" concert. I like hip hop music, I am not a big big fan.......but I have never been to a concert like that. They rocked it!!!! The show, the vibe and music was so freaking amazing!It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. ( Sorry for the bad pictures )

Pool time

The hotel had a really nice pool area, and Karl loved the small pool. I finally got read my Kennedy book.

fruit and veggies

At the hotel they had some pretty cool cut outs. They had fruit and vegetables like this every night.... It must take forever to do it!

Greece part 3

A lovely dinner at our hotel with the whole family. We had the most beautiful view from there.

 The view
 My lovely parents
The boyfriend and me
 My beautiful nieces and me
 Amazing view
We ended the night with the greek dance "zorba" and my brother rocked it.....haha

The beach

We went to the beach to celebrate my mother´s birthday again. Karl loved the ocean and the sand. He looked so funny when he touched the sand the first time.

A bit of shopping in Greece

I love this T-shirts - they fit so well

 This dress so beautiful with the bow in the back. I do not have the body or legs to pull it of, but I will wear it under my 50´s skirts.

 My dad got me this beautiful wallet - I love it!

  My new sewing machine.... yes sewing machine. I actually fixed my dress with it while in Greece.

Friday, June 8, 2012


I am still alive but the wifi on the hotels are really bad. So I  am not able to upload while in Greece.  Karl and I are leaving on sunday. We are going on our own on the plane, no boyfriend, no family, which I am so scare of. Hopefully it will not be that bad!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fish therapy

I never really understood the whole "get your feet eaten by fish"deal, and I have always said that I would never do it. But but but my sisters, mum, nieces and me could not let a good offer go by. So we jumped in.

It was actually very nice, and a little weird, but it really worked. My feet felt like baby skin afterwards,

More Chania

More beautiful pictures from Chania