Friday, August 31, 2012

What to do ?

I am so sick of my hair and I need to do something about. I booked an appointment for a haircut on monday. I still haven´t decided if I am going for 50s bangs or the Betty Draper haircut.


All pictures are from google

Hmm I don´t think I have the guts to do the bangs...... well we will see

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey sailor

I have been looking for a sailor top for so long. Most of the ones I have seen have been way to expensive! But lucky me - I found this top at Mondo kaos and it was on sale. 

Mondo Kaos

I went by Mondo Kaos today. I loooooove that shop. They have the must beautiful dresses and shoes. I had Karl with me so the pictures are not that great. I had him and a big bag on my arm while taking pictures.... not a good result!

Shoes to die for 

Cute little cadigan for boys 

I love this fabric

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I wore

Jacket: 2nd hand
Dress: Rock a hula
Petticoat: From Memphis
Shoes: Target
Bag: Birthday present


I went to see Coldplay with the boys.(I guess I have been hanging out with the boys a lot lately)
Coldplay rocked -I loved the concert!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I wore

Jacket: 2nd hand from Berlin
Top: Vintage
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Bronx
Bag: Vintage

A night with the boys

I had a lovely night out yesterday. I had dinner with my boyfriend, my brother and some of our friends. We were only two girls so we were spoiled by the boys.

Beautiful shoes

My friend popped by the other day to show me her new shoes. I love these Vivienne westwood shoes - they are so cute

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I wore

 Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Kawasaki

New sunglasses. They are not the one from Ralph Lauren, but I think they are mighty fine

Monday, August 20, 2012

What I wore on a very hot sunday

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: from New York

BBQ weekend

We had a BBQ with our neighbors and friends this weekend. The weather was perfect, the food was good and the beers were cold!

Gay Parade

The annual Gay Parade was held in Copenhagen this weekend. There is so much love, music and of course a lot of drag queens everywhere. We had great time and Karl meet his first drag:)


On August 16th, it was 35 years since ELVIS died. Because of that there was a big ELVIS tribute held in Copenhagen. I was suppose to go with my friend.....but it sold out!It was such a shame cause we really really wanted to go! So we ended up going out for dinner and some lovely white wine.

 Best burger I´ve had in a long time

Dont know why I look so silly in my face?!

Cardigan: from Rock a Hula
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Bronx 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Betsey

I love love love this Betsey Johnson dress. I got it on sale in New York a couple of years ago. It has been at my parents house for a year but now it is back. Hopefully I will be wearing it soon!

what I have been wearing

I always forget of take pictures of my outfit. So I found these 2 from last week. Sorry the picture are not the best.

( hmm weird picture)
Dress: DIY
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Bronx

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: kawasaki
Sunglasses: bought in New York

Monday, August 13, 2012

More summerhouse

When my brother bought this summerhouse 17 years ago it was a teeny tiny house. Today it is this beautiful summerhouse that 4 bedrooms, and my brother did all the renovations on his own....pretty cool!

 Karl enjoyed time with his cousins and grandparents

 Watching the Olympic Games - Denmark lost in handball... BUH HUH

Dinner time