Saturday, May 30, 2015

Honeymoon dreaming

We are hoping to go on honeymoon after the wedding to - SURPRISE - the US. Once again it will be a roadtrip in the South. To make it a bit more honeymoonish we would love stay at Rosemay beach in Florida. I am not a beach  person....but I guess a few days at this place will be okay. I found the most beautiful hotel is very honeymoon worthy.
It is a bit pricey -so we'll see if it is within our budget.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend bits

Not much have been going on here. I can hardly move around without being in pain.....countdown to birth is so on!!!!

my hubby, brother & Karl went to the playground

We went for a bike ride in the rain

My sweet sister in law & brother invited us to dinner Sunday

We had the most yummy traditional German food

I almost got Karl's outfit ready for the wedding

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A new bag

I got my pretty new bag from! It will be perfect as a diaper bag. I know it is not your 'typical' diaper bag but I haven't found a 'real'  one that I like - so this sunjellie bag is perfect

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wedding mood

I trying to make a hairpiece for the wedding. I got lots of pretty vintage things but it is not turning out the way I want it to. Good thing I still have a couple of months for the wedding.

I am not big on jewelry so I don't wear my wedding ring (the one we used for the wedding in Memphis) The ring belonged to my Grandma and it is really pretty. We are getting married in Denmark this fall , so maybe I'll start wearing it then

My BF/hubby made the most beautiful invites (damn this is getting real now)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

maybe an early birthday present?

Vintage 50s Dress/ 1950s Cotton Dress/ Orange Rose Print Cotton Dress w/ Full Skirt L

Vintage 50s Dress/ 1950s Cotton Dress/ Black & White Polka Dot Cotton Dress w/ Oversized Waist Belt M

 Vintage 50s Dress/ 1950s Cotton Dress/ Blue Floral Cotton Dress w/ Bow and Full Skirt M

 So I know my birthday is in December...... but if anybody wants to buy my present early this year here is some very beautiful dresses!

37 weeks

I finally got my Ole Smoky Moonshine baseball shirt and I love it. Luckily it still fits my big belly. I feel so big and can't imagine that I am going to get even bigger. I have a little under 3 weeks and I am so done being pregnant!

On that note I gave some of my preggo clothes to charity. I know I still have a couple of weeks and that I won't fit in my dresses right after I give birth..... but I just can't look at preggo clothes anymore. I am longing for wearing a petticoat and a beautiful 50s dress

Sunday, May 17, 2015

weekend bites

Karl is obsessed with Ninja turtles and power rangers - so that's what we are playing and watching all the time

found my 2nd wedding dress in my favorite vintage store. I love the first one I bought but it doesn't have the puffiness - and I can't wear a petticoat with it. But the 2nd one is all about the puff and let's face it - you can never have too much puff . So we'll see what I end up wearing - I might wear both of them. (one small issue.....don't know if I'll fit them because of the preggo weight)

figured out a way to wash Karl's hair - so he won't go totally crazy - lots and lots of foam and then a quick wash. I don't know why kids hate getting their hair washed?

Karl is not that interested in getting a little sister but he did put his 2 teddy bears in her crib.... so maybe he is coming around, right?

I love this crib my dad made for my older brother 50 years ago. All 5 siblings and 7 (soon 8) grandkids have been sleeping in it

My sweet neighbour found some yummy gluten free chocolate for me..... so thoughtful

My sweet friend came by today with these pretty flowers. the leaves are so soft - it like touching a cat or dog. So this preggo lady have been spoiled today

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Made a glutenfree and lactosefree smoothies yesterday - it was so creamy and yummy

frozen raspberry, frozen blackberry, banana, vanilla and hemp protein. I added lactose free milk and lactose free cream to make it extra creamy

Monday, May 11, 2015


(my parents, siblings and me on their wedding day)

So we finally found a church and a priest for our wedding. We are getting married at the same church where my parents got married and i got baptised 36 years ago. The scenery might be different than Graceland but it will be beautiful. We will get to celebrate it all of our family and friends. So within the next 5 months am having a baby and a is CRAZY

Our wedding at Graceland in Memphis

Congrats to my mom & dad

Happy mother's day to my sweet mom
(and no she is NOT giving me beer)

my handsome dad just turned 75 and he is still going strong working every single day!

My sister, mom, newborn brother and me
it is crazy to think that in less (and I hope LESS then 4 weeks) it will be me sitting with a newborn baby showing her of to Karl

me, my sisters and my brother

Being back home with my family and all my siblings really got my thinking. I am so happy to give Karl a sister. My siblings means the world to me and I am lucky to have 4 of them. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chocolate cake

I am craving chocolate like crazy but I think it is the chocolate that makes my hives go crazy. So I tried to make a chocolate cake without chocolate but with pure cocoa. I used lactose free sour cream - so it was lactose free. I should have taken it out of the ovnen a couple of minutes before - so keep an eye on it - if you want it really yummy.

3 of my favorite Instagram ladies

Love her style and her incredible beautiful will blow you away 

How stylish are these 2 gals - check out

This Aussie girl has the most beautiful dresses -