Sunday, May 17, 2015

weekend bites

Karl is obsessed with Ninja turtles and power rangers - so that's what we are playing and watching all the time

found my 2nd wedding dress in my favorite vintage store. I love the first one I bought but it doesn't have the puffiness - and I can't wear a petticoat with it. But the 2nd one is all about the puff and let's face it - you can never have too much puff . So we'll see what I end up wearing - I might wear both of them. (one small issue.....don't know if I'll fit them because of the preggo weight)

figured out a way to wash Karl's hair - so he won't go totally crazy - lots and lots of foam and then a quick wash. I don't know why kids hate getting their hair washed?

Karl is not that interested in getting a little sister but he did put his 2 teddy bears in her crib.... so maybe he is coming around, right?

I love this crib my dad made for my older brother 50 years ago. All 5 siblings and 7 (soon 8) grandkids have been sleeping in it

My sweet neighbour found some yummy gluten free chocolate for me..... so thoughtful

My sweet friend came by today with these pretty flowers. the leaves are so soft - it like touching a cat or dog. So this preggo lady have been spoiled today

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