Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bits from Orlando & Karl's Bday

On our roadtrip in October we got to visit my family. My mother's aunt, moster Eva and 2 sons, Pete & Johnny and their families.
It means a lot to me that we got to see them. My mother's aunt is over 80 and are still the coolest aunt ever. She reminds me a lot of my grandma (her sis) before she (grandma) got sick. So Moster Eva means the world to me. Moster Eva just got a condo with her friend, Fus. They are both Danes and got married to American soldiers, and have known each other since they were young, so Fus is a part of the family. So we got to see everybody in the family.

Off to a yardsale - my first

Karl & Moster Eva on the way to the pool

Karl nearly learned how to swim on his own

shopping at Target can be rough

Karl's Bday - he got a camera just like dad 

talking on his new cell phone

Pete & hubby cooking

Pete is fixing drinks & football is on - love it

Mom might be a bit too excited about Karl's present

Johnni's wife made us this beautiful wedding cake. She even made the flowers in the color of my dress.

and she made this awesome cake for Karl

with the Danish flag 

Karl had the best Bday ever

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