Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The white problem

I have been looking for the perfect white shoes for 2 years now. I always end up buying these cheap shoes that I can't walk in. So I really want some comfy white pair shoes that will go with all my pretty dresses. And I think I finally found them. They are not to high and they have a wedge heel...... which I need! They will look cute to all my dresses and I can wear them with tights. So the only problem.... they are too expensive. I trying to save up money for an upcoming vacation - so I guess the shoes wont be coming my way any time soon!

My white dream shoes from Miss L fire


Another thing I've been looking for is a plain white cardigan that has the 50s cut. All the cardigans I find ends at the hips but I want it to end at my waist. I did find one at H&M for 15$ and I got it in an XS (and I am like M) I'll show it tomorrow, and we'll see if it looks 50s or not.

While in H&M I found this pretty pretty bodystocking in pink gingham print - can it get any better than that?
 And my vintage brooches will go perfect with it.

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