Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Giving birth

My pregnancy hasn't been that much fun! And now my pelvis is killing me - so I need to lie down most of the day. And to make matters worse I just realised that I have to give birth!! I've been ignoring the fact until a couple of days ago. I woke up one morning and thought fuck I need to go through another birth!! I didn't go to any 'how-to-give-birth' or any 'prepare for your birth' before Karl's birth.  I'm kind of like 'okay I need to get through this - let's just get it over with' . I don't need any facts or tips simply because I think I'll panic. But no matter what it is all worth it - when you get that baby in your arms!!!!

 So I've been feeling kind of sorry for myself...again! So I decided when I am through this pregnancy and I have my little baby girl - i am treating my self to these 2 beautiful things (that I've had my eye on for months)

1950's Style White & Red Cherry Paris Swing Dress


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