Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have in the last 3 months struggled with severe hives (the reason I have not made that many outfit posts. I have only been able to wear three different dresses because of the itching). My doctor has taken lot of tests and now have the answer: celiac intolerance. Of course I am glad that it is nothing serious! But it will be one big change in my eating habits. I have never thought about that there is gluten in that many food products. I went a little panicked when I saw that I am not allowed eat potato chips, french fries and drinking beer. It's not that I do it every day, but I love a cold beer and chips in the weekend. Now if you are thinking: 'well then drink a glass of red wine and eat chocolate' - I can't! I am not allowed to drink red wine because of my rosacea (yes I have that to - I am a bit of a freak) and all the chocolate I have found contains gluten. So I'm trying to find inspiration for food and snacks alternatives that are gluten free. Fortunately, we are soon off to the United States where there is a much larger selection of gluten-free products than Denmark. But if anyone knows any good glutenfree recipes or blogs - please send them my way!

(Sorry I know the pictures are not nice to look at - but it is just to give you an idea of my hives) 

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